Beth El Program Worksheet for 2022-2023

Please use this worksheet when developing a program or event. 

In-person events must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance and are subject to approval from the executive director and the COVID Task Force.

In order for your event to be included in the Scroll, it must be submitted at least 5 weeks before the publishing date of the Scroll (example: for the December 2022 Scroll, the deadline is October 27, 2022, which is 5 weeks before December 1).

Announcements: If you have an announcement you want help promoting (example: volunteers needed, collection of donation items, etc.), please click here to fill out the announcement worksheet.

Program Preferences

If your event has multiple dates, please click on "add another response" to add additional dates.

If you require technical assistance for your program, please contact the main office.
In-Person Event Information

Program Marketing

Example: "Join this activity via Zoom:". This will be sent out to registrants, so if you do not yet have the information, please leave this field blank.