Beth El Program Worksheet for 2023-2024

Please use this worksheet when developing a program or event. 

In order for your event to be included in the Scroll, it must be submitted at least 5 weeks before the publishing date of the Scroll (example: for the December 2023 Scroll, the deadline is October 28, 2023, which is 5 weeks before December 1).

Announcements: If you have an announcement you want help promoting (example: volunteers needed, collection of donation items, etc.), please click here to fill out the announcement worksheet.

Program Preferences

please put a space between the number and the am/pm

If your event has multiple dates, please click on "add another response" to add additional dates.

If you require technical assistance for your program, please contact the main office.
In-Person Event Information

Program Marketing

Examples: $25 per person / $18 adults and $12 ages 5-12

Example: "Join this activity via Zoom:". This will be sent out to registrants, so if you do not yet have the information, please leave this field blank.