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Temple Sinai Congregation


Welcome to the Temple Sinai family! To start the membership process, kindly provide your information below.

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(family membership includes all children up to the age of 26)

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Confirmation and Contribution

I hereby confirm my application for membership at Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto and agree to conform to and abide by the Constitution and by-laws of the Congregation. I understand the Fair Share Principle regarding membership contribution, including the additional contributions (see below) and other associated fees and hereby place myself in the following contribution level for the coming year.

Additional Contributions

In addition to your fair-share contribution, the following items apply:

Building Maintenance Fund
Each new member family is assessed one year’s membership contribution, payable over three years (minimum $515). New members under the age of 37 are given the option of paying the assessment either commencing in the year they join or in any year up to and including the year in which their 37th birthday occurs. Where the member chooses to defer the payment, the amount is based on the membership income category applicable to the year in which the payments
commence. For married members, the age of the older spouse is determinative.

Union for Reform Judaism (URJ)
The URJ charge is calculated at 12% of the basic membership contribution plus $10 per family unit to support Camp George, our Canadian Reform camp.

Health, Safety and Security
A levy of 10% of your membership contribution will be added to your renewal total. This levy will help to defray the cost of upgrades to our security infrastructure, additional costs of health safety measures, and to maintain an appropriate level of security around our building throughout the year.

Cemetery (for those who have purchased plots) 
The Temple Sinai section of Pardes Chaim Cemetery is located at 11818 Bathurst Street, Maple. Plots are currently available for members and their immediate family at a cost of $3,701.88 (incl. HST). A down payment of $1,701.88 (incl. HST) is required to reserve a plot. The balance is payable in four equal installments of $500 annually per plot. Side-by-side burials are available for interfaith Temple families at Lambton Hills Jewish Cemetery on Royal York Road. Plots are currently available for members and their immediate family at a cost of $4,802.50 (incl. HST) per plot. A down payment of $2,642.50 (incl. HST) is required to reserve a plot. The balance is payable in four equal installments of $540 annually. If you have purchased a plot and are paying in four
installments, your statement will reflect your current and/or your past installment.

Our Member Services Coordinator will review your application and follow up as soon as possible. 
For any questions regarding membership, please contact Fran Isaacs at 416.487.4161 or email