Join us for a TGIS ("Thank God It's Shabbat") service, K-7 Family Shabbat Dinner, and B'Yachad Shul-under on Friday, March 8 starting at 6pm! Feel free to reach out to Cantor Josh (jrosenberg@tbewellesley.org) with any questions.

6th/7th Grade Shul-under 
Our 6th and 7th graders are also invited to stay late for a very special Shul-Under event (late night at TBE)! Students will enjoy some after-hours food, fun, and essential community-building until 10pm! Feel free to pick up early if necessary.
Please review the Brit Kehilah (community agreement) by clicking HERE

Please let us know if you have any restrictions or any other information that we should be aware of.

In the case of an urgent situation, who should we contact during this event?

Please use this for additional guests (ie: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.). If you have any questions, please contact Eliana Stein at EStein@TBEWellesley.org

If you have any additional concerns, please contact Eliana Stein, EStein@TBEWellesley.org.
Chicken will be served. If you have food concerns, please contact Eliana Stein at EStein@TBEWellesley.org. Feel free to bring your favorite wine or soft drink to share!