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Membership Categories
  • Standard $3,700
  • Family $3,100 for families with children enrolled in BHY Preschool or Jewish Learning Programs
  • Individual $2,100
  • Affiliate $1,300 primary membership is at an out-of-town synagogue
  • OpenDor $400 per young adult (20s & 30s)
  • Alternative
Leadership Giving (includes annual membership)

Membership contributions provide nearly half of CBB’s annual operating budget. Leadership Donors ensure that we keep our doors open for all to participate regardless of financial situation. Leadership Donors are invited to special gatherings and receive recognition throughout the year.
  • Sustainer $5,500
  • Rabbi's Circle $10,000
  • Rabbi's Circle "Chai" $18,000
  • Builder $25,000
  • Pillar $50,000
  • Visionary $100,000


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Attn: Membership
1000 San Antonio Creek Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Transfer to Vanguard DTC #0062 ACCT #12462664 FOR: CBB Corp.
Please contact Terry Grimes at upon transfer.
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If you have general questions about this or any event you may call our front office at (805) 964-7869