Hebrew class

Adult Hebrew with Elaine Bachrach
September 15 to December 15, 1:15 – 2:30pm.
The cost for 11 class sessions is $180.
We will not be meeting on September 29 or December 1.

Are you interested in acquiring some prayerbook Hebrew skills? This beginner’s class for adult Hebrew learners does not presume anything except your interest and attendance. You will learn to decode (recognize and sound out printed Hebrew), recognize some basic vocabulary of the prayer service, and  increase your comfort and enthusiasm for Hebrew prayer and song. Come join us and watch how much 
fun and how satisfying it is to progress as a Hebrew learner. It’s never too late to begin the Alef-Bet.
For questions about the class, please contact Elaine Bachrach at elaine.bachrach@gmail.com.


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