YAD High Holy Day Tickets
The YAD High Holy Days tickets are for those 22-36 years of age, who are NOT already YAD Members. If you are a YAD member, a ticket is part of your membership. If you would like to become a member, please click here.

The tickets are for Blum or Balcony only. Malkov tickets are limited to members only.

Your tickets will be available at Will Call for pick up on the day of the holiday.

Blum tickets are $100 and will increase to $125 after 9/15/2019.
Balcony tickets are $80 and will increase to $100 after 9/15/2019. 
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High Holy Days
Tickets include all Holy Days. However, to best accommodate everybody, please let us know what days you will be here with us. 

High Holy Days Seating
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