Melton Graduate Course: BeMidbar: Leadership Defied and Defended 

Department of Adult Learning
Course Description

Thursdays | beginning February 14 | 9:15-10:30 am | 10 sessions

Rabbi Charlie Savenor

Israel's fateful journey through the wilderness of Sinai presented numerous challenges to the leadership of Moses and Aaron; at times the nation challenged their competence as leaders, and at times individuals arose to challenge their very right to lead. As students explore the biblical narratives describing forty years of wandering in the wilderness, they will be surprised to note the timeless nature of those stories. How can the lessons learned from the past be applied to solving the communal challenges of the present and the future? 

Class will be held on the following dates: Feb 14, 21, 28; Mar 7, 14, 28; Apr 4, 11, 18; May 2, 9 (make-up class)


Prerequisite: Completion of Melton or Context core program.

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