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Lishma Jewish Learning Project

Presented by: Annex Shul, BASE, Beth Tzedec Congregation, Holy Blossom Temple and the Miles Nadal JCC

Lishma is intended as a 20s and 30s learning space.

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Semester 4: Wednesdays 7:00 - 9:00 PM, 

May 15/May 22/May 29/June 5/June 12/June 19 @Holy Blossom Temple

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Base/Chevruta Track: Refugees, Judaism and Asylum with Professor Howard Adelman

This seminar will examine the biblical references instructing the Israelites on how to treat a stranger and will discuss the applicability of the ethics implicit in the imperative with respect to contemporary Humanitarian and Convention refugees and the asylum process.

Howard Adelman, Professor Emeritus Philosophy York University, published his last two books in 2011: No Return, No Refuge, (co-author Elazar Barkan) Columbia University Press, and Religion, Culture and State (co-editor Pierre Anctil) University of Toronto Press. Howard Adelman, the founding Director of the Centre for Refugee Studies and Editor of Refuge until 1993, has written or co-authored 8 books, edited or co-edited 19 others and authored over 200 scholarly papers in book chapters and academic journals.

Text and Context Track: "...and the Pursuit of Happiness” with Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl

Is "the pursuit of happiness” the same as "I just want my child/partner/parent to be happy”? Happiness, osher in Hebrew and eudaemia in Greek, is an ancient and contemporary aspiration, sometimes understood as human flourishing. This seminar will explore Biblical, philosophical, rabbinic, mystical, political and psychological understandings of happiness.

Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl is the Anne and Max Tanenbaum Senior Rabbi of Beth Tzedec Congregation. The focus of his rabbinate has been a commitment to family education, life-long learning and care for the housebound, hospitalized and homeless. Rav Baruch received a doctorate in Jewish Philosophy from the Jewish Theological Seminary and is a Rabbinic Fellow of the Shalom Hartman Institute of Jerusalem. He and Josette have been married for over forty years. They are the parents of Yakov (married to Sarah), Rafi and Amir (married to Amanda), and the grandparents of Ilana, Amichai and Shachar, all born in Jerusalem.

Hands-On Track: Starting an Indigenous/Jewish Canadian Conversation with Leah Mauer  

(On May 15, this class is going on a field trip, and the tickets for that trip have sold out.  New students can join on May 22.)

We hear the word ‘reconciliation’ a lot in Canada these days. But what does this word really mean? What is our responsibility as Canadians and as Jews to this process? Throughout this course, we’ll begin to answer these questions and more as we take a critical look at colonization, connections to land, intergenerational trauma, diaspora, status and identity from both a Canadian and a Jewish perspective.
Leah Mauer is a high school teacher with the Toronto District School Board, where she teaches toward reconciliation in all of her history, English, and social sciences courses. She has engaged in years of personal and professional learning from indigenous and non-indigenous teachers about Canada’s history of colonization and the experiences of indigenous peoples in Canada, especially with regard to the residential school system.
Looking Ahead
Lishma, in its first year, was a success.  The plan is to continue! If you have suggestions or questions about how the program should keep moving forwards, please be in touch with the organizational team.


If you are unable to make any contribution, please be in touch, in confidence, with Lauren at the Miles Nadal JCC:

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