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Student Leadership Program Application

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Ronald Reagan SLP

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Program. While filling out your application please have the following pieces of information available:

  •  Student email address (please use a personal email, not a school email address)
  • Parent contact information (e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, etc.)
  • School information
  • Teacher information (for a recommendation)
  • School and volunteer organization information (including the number of years and the total number of hours worked)

You may save and resume your application at any time. An application payment of $25 will be required to complete the application process. 

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Your Information


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Session Preference (student must be available all 5 days of the session)
Please mark these fields 1st through 6th, or Unavailable if applicable.

Parent/Guardian Information (your parent/guardian will receive an email notification which will require their consent for your participation in the program, as well as medical and emergency information. Applications without this information will be considered incomplete)

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Please list any NON-School related organizations that you have been involved in


Length of Time

TOTAL Number of Hours Volunteered
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Please list any SCHOOL-RELATED clubs or organizations that you have been involved in


Length of Time

Please provide an other additional information, such as a hobby or interest
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Read each statement below, and then rank yourself from 1-5 based on how true this statement is of your approach to working on projects.

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Teacher/Recommender Information (*NOTE Recommendation must be from a teacher, councelor or principal and must be a NON-RELATIVE. Your teacher/recommender will receive an email notification with a recommendation form to fill out. Applications without this information will be considered incomplete.)